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Hotel Inter-Burgo Daegu Privacy policy

We use your personal information in order to fulfill our commitment to providing an unparalleled guest service experience. Believing that personal information of users counts first of all, Hotel Inter Burgo Daegu makes best efforts to protect personal information for saft uses.

General Provision

Hotel Inter Burgo Daegu endeavor to protect personal information of their customers (“Customers”) and comply with all applicable privacy related laws and regulations, including the Personal Information Protection Act and the Act on the Promotion of Information and Telecommunications Network Use and Information Protection, Etc. The Company’s privacy policy for Customers’ personal information (this “Privacy Policy”) may be amended pursuant to applicable laws and regulations, regulatory instructions and the Company’s internal policy.

1. Items of Personal Information to be Processed

The types of personal information that we process (which may vary by jurisdiction based on applicable law) include: your name, telephone number, home address, e-mail address as mandatory items as well as other optional items for registration. It has a purpose of improving the service for members by searching and modifying the data. It may repeat the information requirement in case you participate in any promotion from Hotel Inter Burgo Daegu or the associate company, in order to deliver the goods.

2. Purpose of processing personal information

Hotel Inter- Burgo Daegumay collect, use and disclose relevant portions of your personal information in order to provide and maintain the information of using the hotel accommodation and other goods and services you purchase. This information is used exclusively for our internal purposes and is not disclosed to any non-affiliated third parties except our producers. In case of disclosing to any non-affiliated third parties, we require your agreement. Also, we do not accept any registration if you are under 19 years old.

3.Disclosures and Shares of Your Personal information to a Third Party

Circumstances where we might make such disclosure include: 1) in accordance with applicable law such as act on Real Name Financial Transactions and Guarante of Secrecy, Use and Protection of Credit Information Act, Framework Act on Telecommunications, Telecommunications Business Act, Local Tax Act, Consumer Protection Act, Bank of Korea Act, Criminal Procedure Act 2) Identification for providing service 3) Collected by statistics, academic research or marketing research which the individual data cannot be recognized. Your personal information will not be disclosed for any commercial purpose unless there is an agreement with you.

4. Amendment of your personal Information

In case you need to modify your information, please go to “My Page”, confirm your information and change them in the modification page. Also, in case you want to delete your registration, please go to withdrawal e-club registration in “My Page”. Your personal information will be immediately destroyed in accordance with applicable law.

5. Retaining personal information

In the event that Customers give Hotel Inter Burgo Daegu notice that they withdraw their consent to the collection of personal information or request the deletion thereof, the personal information will be destroyed in a timely manner. However, if any personal information is required to be retained under applicable laws and regulations, the personal information will be retained and used for the period and purpose as prescribed under such laws and regulations. We retain the records of customers’ complains or settlement of disputes for 3 years


A cookie is a file which saves the history of Customers’ having visited this website from their computer and informs the Company of the history. A cookie may help the Company identify Customers’ website preferences, adjust this website according to their preferences and measure the degree of usage of this website Customers have an option to install cookies. Customers may accept all cookies, or instruct the web browser to send notice at the time of installation of cookies, or refuse to accept all cookies by adjusting the relevant function in the web browser of their own computer. However, if refusing the installation of cookies, there may be a problem in providing services.

7. Protection of your personal information

Your personal information in Hotel Inter Burgo Daegu is protected by your ID and password. Therefore, the only user who knows about the ID and password is able to access your account, which indicates that it is your responsibility to protect your ID and password. If you have disclosed your ID and password,Distribution Hotel Inter Burgo Daegu is not responsible for any issue caused by that. Please be advised that there is no case that Hotel Inter Burgo Daegu asks you about your ID or password via a telephone or e mail. Please Log-out and close the window after completing your access for the security reason in case you share a computer or use it in a public area. Once a user requires password, Hotel Inter Burgo Daegu will give the best effort to manage the personal information by identifying the user. Hotel Inter Burgo Daegu homepage operates the security programs with respect to provisions of services in order to prevent loss, steal, leakage, alteration, or damages.

8. Other information for protecting your personal information.

Please be advised that your personal information can be used with malicious intention through an e-mail or notice board. For example, there is possibility of receiving unwanted e mail if you leave your e-mail address or any other personal information. Overall,Y ou are responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your passwords, log-in, and account information.

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