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Hotel Introduction  | 호텔소개

품격이 쉼쉬는 아름다운 휴식공간
"인터불고(INTER-BURGO)"는 스페인어에 그 어원을 두고 있으며 "모두의 마음과 뜻을 함께하는 화목한 마을" 이란 뜻입니다.
The name of "Inter-Burgo is originated from Spanish words which are explained as
"A friendly village where everyone is of same heart. It contains the founder's management philosophy:
"People with same mind and heart gathering together to live together wholeheartedly with integrity.
Hotel Inter Burgo Daegu is a brand of Inter Burgo Group in Spain which is also doing business for fishery&cold storage,
golf, hotel, trade&distribution and contributes to education.
호텔전경 사진
HOTEL INTER-BURGO DAEGU became the 5 star hotel for the first time in Daegu in 2001.
Being located in Manwoo park, it is surrounded by the beautiful nature and features 322 rooms,
convention hall which is suitable for any international event and the latest pipe organ(51stops).
It gives pride to residents in Daegu, and it is so loved that both past and present presidents stayed in the hotel.
To be not the world best, but the world most respectable hotel, it services its visitors with all sincereness.
Stars site area(m2) total floor area(m2) number of rooms
Hotel Inter Burgo Main building 5 Stars 28,946 43,717,60 207
Hotel Inter Burgo The Park Village 41,645 21,489,27 115
Total 70,591 65,206,87 322
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  • 바르미스시
  • 산따마르게리따
  • 네이버카페
  • 인스타그램
  • 대구시티투어

TEL:+82-(0)53-6027-114 FAX:+82-(0)53-953-2008 SEOUL OFFICE. +82-(0)2-736-3200
Postcode:706-803 300, Manchon-dong, Soosung-gu, Daegu, South Korea/212 Pal-Hyun-Gil, Daegu, South Korea
CEO. Sung Gon Kim 사업자등록번호. 460-85-00140 [사업자정보확인] 개인정보관리책임자:도종필

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