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Indoor Swimming Pool  | 실내수영장

Indoor Swimming Pool

The swimming pool with four 25m lanes is equipped with an automatic water temperature regulation system
set at 28~30℃ for ideal swimming conditions. The system also maintains the water quality, controlled by an
automatic purification system. Please enjoy our indoor swimming pool with the fantastic view of Gum-Ho river.


ㆍService :

A variety of exercising programs including aquarobics

A whirl pool including shower room

High-tech indoor swimming pool system

Automatic water temperature control system

Children under 14 years old are not allowed to access

ㆍLocation :

ㆍReservation and Inquiry :

ㆍOpening hours :

ㆍMain Building 1rd floor


ㆍ06:00 ~ 21:30(06:00 ~ 21:00(Closed on Sat,Sun, Holidays.)
※ Closed on the first and third Sunday every month.