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Patio  | 로비라운지 빠띠오

Lobby Lounge Patio

“The lobby lounge, the artistic space”


surrounded by the artistic ambience with the famous Palgong mountain and the wonderful
Gum-Ho river is a meeting point for hotel guests and visitors. You may listen to the piano or vocal music
performance while enjoying our service in the relaxing atmosphere.

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Main Building 3rd floor

08:00 ~ 24:00


No Smoking

No holiday

  • 바르미
  • 바르미스시
  • 산따마르게리따
  • 네이버카페
  • 인스타그램
  • 대구시티투어

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Postcode:706-803 300, Manchon-dong, Soosung-gu, Daegu, South Korea/212 Pal-Hyun-Gil, Daegu, South Korea
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