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Convention Banquet  | 컨벤션 연회


We provide the customized service for your successful events. The halls not only have perfect features for weddings,
cocktail reception, dinner party but are fully equipped for international meetings and conferences with high technology
and 5 different languages interpreting system.


ㆍEquipment :

ㆍFront hanging banner (middle) 14.28m×1.5m

ㆍFront hanging banner (right and left) 10.8m×1.5m

ㆍRight and left hanging banner 12.6m×1.5m

ㆍAlternate screens : 3 large screens across the front and one on either side.

ㆍBeam Projector : 5 stable, and 2 movable

ㆍFive language simultaneous interpretation facilities (for rent)

ㆍSlide Projector, Beam Projector, White Board, VCR & OHP, Laptop computer

ㆍMicrophone, Large Screen, Piano, Flags of all nations

ㆍShuttle bus and mini-bus service

ㆍLocation :

ㆍSize :

ㆍCapacity :

ㆍMain building 2nd floor

ㆍDimensions: 54 x38.5 m, 2,079㎡ Heights : 11m

ㆍBanquet: 800, Reception: 2,000, Theater: 2,500, Seminar: 2,000

Since its inauguration the Inter-Burgo Convention Hall was the main venue for

large scale international, national and mayoral events.

The Convention hall itself is fully equipped to all events: conference, wedding,

dinner party, banquet or cocktail reception.

The organs smooth flowing lines and soft curves combined with a unique blend of

coloured wooden and glittering tin pipes further enhances the rooms natural elegance.

A wide range of performances is available. This organ will also add a traditional

classic touch of beauty to any wedding ceremony,

and also includes such features as actual recording and full play back systems.

  • 바르미
  • 바르미스시
  • 산따마르게리따
  • 네이버카페
  • 인스타그램
  • 대구시티투어

TEL:+82-(0)53-6027-114 FAX:+82-(0)53-953-2008 SEOUL OFFICE. +82-(0)2-736-3200
Postcode:706-803 300, Manchon-dong, Soosung-gu, Daegu, South Korea/212 Pal-Hyun-Gil, Daegu, South Korea
CEO. Sung Gon Kim 사업자등록번호. 460-85-00140 [사업자정보확인] 개인정보관리책임자:도종필

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